Besco Introduces ElectrodeIonization Services

Recently, two of Besco Water Treatment Inc.’s leading water technicians, William Bolt and Steve Homant, received OEM Qualification, certifying them as official designers and builders of Electrodeionization water systems. Electrodeionization systems are specially built units that electronically dissolve inorganic contaminants without using synthetic supplements. These units are built to run on little electricity and can be easily installed. The staff at Besco thanks William and Steve for their dedicated work in helping us master the assembly and implementation of another useful system we can share with our customers!

As time goes by, Besco Water Treatment, Inc. is proud to be offering more, new essential water treatment systems and services that professional businesses can rely on. For whichever purpose you need, our water treatment experts offer systems in filtration, deionization, UV water treatment and many others to perfectly fit your company’s requirements and provide high quality solutions.