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Water Treatment for Grow Operations

“Hydroponic Cannabis” simply refers to plants grown using nutrient-rich water solutions and growing mediums such as rockwool, clay pellets, and coconut fiber. It’s a fact of life that all plants need water and, much like humans, plants require clean water to grow healthy. Before you begin cultivating your commercial growing op, it’s important to invest in the best water filtration system for you and your plants.

Without a clean water source, your cannabis plants will slowly die. In order to raise healthy cannabis plants, you need a top of the line water treatment system installed. Water molecules have the potential to carry a lot of nasty nutrients that can easily harm your cannabis plants. This will quickly kill your plants if you are not being careful.

The Importance of Your pH and PPM Measurements

When conducting your grow op, you should be aware of your pH (potential hydrogen) levels and PPM (parts per million). The pH level is used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of a fluid. To keep your cannabis plants healthy, you need to keep your water’s pH levels between 6-7. Too much acidity or alkalinity can easily kill your plants, costing you money.

The PPM level measures the presence of dissolved solids in water. This measurement shows what percentage of your water contains contaminants, including:

  • Chlorine
  • Rocks
  • Bacteria
  • Uranium, and more.

  • Water that contains a lot of these contaminants is referred to as “hard water”. Water without a lot of these contaminants is referred to as “soft water”.

    The Marijuana Water Treatment Process

    Understanding the process through which your water treatment system removes particles and pollutants is beneficial for your cannabis grow operation. Whether you’re already a medical marijuana grow operation or you’re thinking about how to grow cannabis, Besco Commercial has a wide array of water treatment options to ensure the water you are feeding your plants is of the highest quality.

    reverse osmosis systems in place

    Even though reverse osmosis systems are typically avoided in the commercial agriculture industry, these systems are necessary when it comes to cultivating marijuana. Reverse osmosis systems filter out any unwanted chemicals in your water supply.

    The process begins with water molecules being forced through a semipermeable membrane. The contaminants and waste are then rinsed to the drain while the refined water is filtered into a holding tank. This helps the water look and smell better. Reverse osmosis systems are very effective at filtering out contaminants for cannabis growing operations.

    Medical Marijuana Commercial Hydroponic Systems

    Choosing commercial hydroponic systems for water treatment is becoming an increasingly popular decision in grow operation set up. Commercial hydroponic systems can affect several variables within your growing op including temperature, humidity, and energy consumption.

    With all the available hydroponic systems, you can reuse your grow media while monitoring the pH levels and precisely controlling what nutrients the plants are receiving. In turn, this can affect the overall yield and performance of your marijuana grow op, resulting in healthier and more potent buds.

    Cannabis cultivation requires different frequencies and amounts when it comes to watering your plants. These frequencies and amounts are determined by factors including temperature and light, as well as age, size, and stage growth of the plant. Your operation first needs the cleanest water quality possible. Besco Commercial can provide just that.

    The water treatment solutions that we provide are always of the highest quality possible. We can custom design our water treatment systems to accommodate your needs. Every businesses’ needs are different, but at the end of the day, you need to profit off your products and services. Besco ensures you do just this when it comes to your cannabis grow operation.

    Besco’s Water Treatment Systems Provide Ultimate Benefits for Your Business

    Whether you’re running a small- or large-scale cannabis grow operation, you need to reduce the amount of nutrient runoff water. Water usage is huge in the marijuana business, and we provide excellent water treatment systems that clean out all the unnecessary and harmful nutrients from your water supply.

    water treatment specialist at work

    Besco Commercial engineers are experts at identifying the proper water treatment system for your commercial grow operation. They listen to your needs in order to accurately provide the most accommodating commercial hydroponic systems. From deionization to reverse osmosis, Besco Commercial will help you start growing cannabis indoors in no time.

    If you’re an expert cannabis grower who is looking to accelerate the manufacturing and growing of your plants, talk to Besco. We have the capabilities necessary to provide the cleanest water supply you can find across the United States. There’s no need to look further than Besco Commercial when you’re searching for the ultimate water treatment system for your cannabis operation.

    Call Ken Morgan at (800) 964-0257 or fill out our contact form. Our knowledgeable water treatment representatives are familiar with the marijuana industry and have the experience and references to guide you to a solution.

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