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Besco Commercial Water Treatment knows how important it is to keep the purity of your water high. When you are in need of a brine silo, ask the experts at Besco. We can:

  • Design, build and maintain your brine silo
  • Provide you with a bulk brinemaker with controls, indicators, pumps and meters to regulate salt for your commercial water softener

When you are looking for a commercial water treatment provider, seek a company that is:

  • Responsive to your needs
  • Certified by the Water Quality Association

For information on acquiring a Brine Silo for your business, call us today at (800) 964-0257 or fill out our easy online form.

Brine Silo


When you are running an industrial water softener, there are a lot of supplies and systems you need to control to make sure you are getting the purest water. Our brine salt systems are designed to help support the ultra-pure water systems you need to keep your business running.

Brine Silo Specifications

Our water treatment experts know how important it is to keep the purity of your water high. Our water treatment solution experts can create a bulk brine maker to the specifications you need for your business. We will design, build and help maintain your brine silo to complement your current commercial water softener system. We can provide you a bulk brine maker with controls, indicators, pumps and meters to regulate salt for your commercial water softener.

How does a Bulk Brine Silo help my company?

  1. Reduces the time spent handling salt/brine.
  2. Avoids injury for workers handling bagged salt deliveries.
  3. Allows for ease of bulk salt deliveries. We provide bulk salt delivery services to feed your salt directly into your silo.
  4. Reduces supply loss from spillage and packaging waste that you would get from bagged salt.
  5. Adding an automatic level controller will allow a saturated brine that creates the ideal brine for your business.
  6. Cost savings on buying bulk salts vs. bagged salts

Bulk Salt Silo Add-ons

If you are interested in acquiring a Brine Silo for your business, ask us about the features below and add-ons to help us create the ideal Bulk brinemaker for your commercial softener.

Standard Features

  • Pneumatic Salt Fill Pipe
  • Inlet Water Spray Ring Distributor
  • Brine Collection System
  • Air Vent Pipe with Dust Control Filter
  • Access Ladder Assembly
  • Liquid Level Controller
  • Automatic Water Refill Valve
  • 24” Covered Upper Access Manway
  • 24” Covered Lower Cleanout Manway
  • Anchor / Lifting Lugs
  • Gravel Support Bed

Brine System

Additional Options

  • Freeze Protection System (Insulation & Heat Controls)
  • Solid Salt Level Indicator
  • FRP Ladder Construction
  • Brine Pump & Metering Systems
  • Seismic / Wind Load Designs

Brine Collection System

If you are in need of a bulk salt silo to complement your industrial water softener then let us tell you about how we can supply a brine maker silo that meets your specifications. The silos are made with a corrosion-free design to preserve the silo for many bulk deliveries in the future. If you have a commercial water softener that uses a lot of commercial salt contact Ken Morgan, Besco Commercial General Manager, at (269) 964-0257 to discuss your needs.

Free Consultations

Free Consultations

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