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Electrodeionization Water Systems

EDI Water Treatment Systems imageSometimes, when it comes to keeping your water clean and pure, all your water needs is a little spark. At Besco Water Treatment, we will provide that spark with our electrodeionization (EDI) services. Our team at Besco Water Treatment is highly-trained and experienced in providing electrodeionization services for our customers, and is ready to help you today.

EDI Water Treatment

The process of electrodeionization is a water treatment service that uses electricity, ion exchange membranes and resin in order to purify and deionize the water. What makes this water treatment process different from most is that it is done without the use of chemicals. By eliminating the resin regenerating chemicals within the water, EDI water treatment is both economically and environmentally beneficial. There are a number of applications in which this treatment can be extremely helpful, including:

  • Reuse of residual water in the food industry
  • Chemical production
  • Laboratories
  • Boiler feed water
  • Reduction of total organic carbon

Custom EDI Systems

Besco Water Treatment is one of the oldest and largest companies in the Midwest specializing in the installation of commercial EDI water systems. Our water treatment experts are ready to assist you today in installing a custom EDI water system for your business. For more information on how Besco Water Treatment can assist you today, call General Manager Ken Morgan, at 269-964-0257.

Free Consultations

Free Consultations

Featured Case Study

Client: Gallagher Industrial Laundry, Inc. – Battle Creek, Michigan

besco custom designed water system
besco water custom designed water system

Client Challenge: This client has experienced substantial growth and was maxing out good, but outdated equipment. This was leading to inefficiencies, break-downs and a limited availability of replacement parts. Gallagher was just really having to run undersized equipment for their current and future needs. The client has had a 30-year relationship with Besco Water, so the trust was already in place.

Besco Solution: Besco recommended and installed a brand new system. One of the great benefits to Gallagher of this new water treatment plan was a "brine reclaim system" custom-designed by Besco Water to reclaim the brine and redirect it into the brine tank. By doing this Gallagher is able to save about 30% on their salt costs. Other benefits of the new installation are a better understanding of the flow rates and water usage at any given point. Gallagher can see peak demand flow rates which is valuable for them, and, in addition, there is a recorded history that a service tech can easily access in troubleshooting any service issues.

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