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Our pilot plants services are designed to test your water treatment processes in a low-cost and small-scale way. The results of our pilot plant services can serve as a basis for achieving your water quality standards.

Pilot Plant Applications

Our pilot plant equipment allows you to compare and analyze the best possible design for a water treatment facility, or to optimize an existing water treatment method. With a pilot plant, the risk is minimal, so experimentation can be done without compromising the public water supply and it will give you solid results before you invest in a larger facility. Our pilot plant services also serve as a way to educate through demonstration or training.

Besco Commercial offers pilot plant services that are perfect for both small and large operations. We tailor our services to every client to ensure the best possible service. If you would like to rent out pilot plant equipment for research purposes, Besco Commercial Water Treatment would be glad to assist with your pilot plant needs. See some of the areas we serve and some case studies showcasing examples of our work. Call Ken Morgan at (800) 964-0257, or complete the form on this page for more information.

Free Consultations

Free Consultations

Featured Case Study

Client: Finishline Laundry – Battle Creek, MI

finish line custom designed water-treatment system
Client Challenge: Customer has a large coin-operated laundry facility that is on well water containing high amounts of iron and hardness. They had an existing commercial water softener in place and the control valve had split. He was in immediate need of a new system as the existing system was 15 years old. Custom designed commercial systems can take up to several weeks from conception to installation. The customer called Besco and we went to work on it. Besco Solution: Besco overnight shipped a valve and installed it the very next day as a temporary solution while a new system was designed and put on order. The System they ordered was able to use the control valve they originally put in place as a temporary solution, which is an important point because it saved the client money. The system arrived on site within a week and the Besco technicians installed it immediately. The customer suffered minimal down time due to the Besco staff understanding the urgency of the situation and responding in kind.
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