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Client: Amway XS Energy Drinks

Client Challenge: Amway, a global leader in health and beauty products, required an upgrade to their main water softening system at their XS liquids building. The existing system was a critical component in their production line, serving as a pre-treatment stage for the reverse osmosis system that is integral to the production of their popular energy drinks. Amway needed a solution that would allow them to replace the system without disrupting their tight production schedules.

Besco Solution: Besco Water Treatment was tasked with the challenge of replacing Amway’s water softening system with minimal impact on production. We designed a 1.2M grain twin alternating system that would provide the necessary capacity and reliability for Amway’s operations. To ensure a seamless transition and continuous production, we collaborated with Hunter Prell, our trusted contractor, to implement a strategic installation plan. The plan involved setting up one tank to be operational while the second tank was being installed, thus eliminating any downtime for Amway’s production line.

The result was a flawless installation that did not interfere with Amway’s energy drink production. Besco Water Treatment’s commitment to listening and responding to our customer’s needs was evident in the successful execution of this project. Amway was able to continue their operations uninterrupted, thanks to the new water softening system that now reliably serves as a pre-treatment for their critical reverse osmosis system.

Client: St. Julian’s Winery - Paw Paw, Michigan

Client Challenge: St. Julian’s Winery, a renowned establishment in Paw Paw, Michigan, reached out to us following a referral in the spring. Their primary concern was the outdated water treatment equipment they had in place. They were grappling with an old mechanical timer Iron Filter that was not only leaking but also had fouled filter media. Additionally, their carbon filter, which was responsible for chlorine removal, was in a similar state of disrepair. As a winery and distillery, the quality and purity of their water are paramount, and these issues were hindering their operations.

Besco Solution: Recognizing the importance of water in the winemaking and distilling process, we took a holistic approach to address St. Julian’s Winery’s concerns. We began by replacing their old equipment with state-of-the-art solutions. This included the installation of a new 30”x72” Clack 2” Iron Filter and a 30”x72” Clack 2” Carbon Filter. But our engagement didn’t stop there. We also took over the maintenance of their DI Exchange Tanks for their lab, ensuring that they always have access to high-quality water for their testing and quality control processes.

The partnership between St. Julian’s Winery and Besco Water has been mutually beneficial. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to assist such a prestigious establishment in optimizing their water treatment processes. Feedback from St. Julian’s Winery has been overwhelmingly positive, and they are delighted with the improvements and the quality of service provided by Besco Water.

Client: Consumer's Energy – Jackson, MI

Client Challenge: Consumers Energy contacted us about hard water bleeding though current system. Flow rate through current system was also diminishing due to aged resin. Current system was just about 30 years old, resin was fouled and breaking down, valves were leaking from multiple areas.

Besco Solution: We replaced the old mechanical Fleck 2900 with a new Clack 2″ Medium Duty Progressive Flow Softener System. This would accommodate low flow rates with a single tank and can bring online the second and third tank as flow rates increase.

Client: Crittenden Farm - Holland, MI

Client Challenge: As a commercial water treatment company, it is rare that we are looking at residential homes. However, the home of Dylan Crittenden had some unique issues. While most homes would need nothing more than a simple water softener machine or a straightforward filter, we discovered that Dylan needed a commercial reverse osmosis system.

Besco Solution: The first challenge was determining what the Crittenden property required. To do this, we sent an expert in to do a professional water analysis. This analysis was part of the reason we were able to determine that they needed a commercial reverse osmosis system. The next challenge was getting the commercial system fitted into a residence. Our crew worked with Dylan with clear communication to get the right setup available to get it installed properly. In order to make sure they had clean water as soon as possible, we provided adapters to have the system in place while the setup was being worked on. Dylan wrote to us afterward and said, “Your service manager Will and service techs Damon and John are top-notch! All skilled tradesmen and their work reflects that. Those guys put in some long hours and did so happily and respectfully. It’s not easy working in residential (picky homeowners are the worst)… Haha… And your guys did a phenomenal job. Very happy with the install. Looks great! We truly appreciate all the hard work from the techs; working up front with Gerrit was a breeze, and everyone was a wealth of knowledge. Delivery and install were on time as promised.”

Client: Bronson Hospital - Battle Creek, MI

Client Challenge: Bronson is a community hospital serving more than 200,000 people in South Central Michigan. Hospitals need the best when it comes to water treatment in order to keep up with their ever-growing needs and best serve their community. That is why Bronson Battle Creek Hospital was looking to replace its main water softener that feeds its entire campus as well as get pretreatment for its large reverse osmosis system that feeds into the boiler.

Besco Solution: We recognize the importance of speed and care that comes with this job. To start, we needed to remove the outer wall of the energy center in order to remove the old system and get the new system in place. To do this, we enlisted the help of Hunter Prell Mechanical Company out of Battle Creek. From there, we were able to install the new system and do pretreatment on the reverse osmosis system with no issues. We dispatched a technician who started the system up and worked with the Bronson staff to train them on the operation of the system. In total, this entire project took only one week to complete.

Client: Google – Lenoir, NC, and Berkley County, SC

Client Challenge: Google is a multinational technology company with 78 offices in more than 50 countries. is the most visited website in the world. But Google is more than a search engine, it is also a software developer, advertising platform and cloud computing platform.

Google’s $1.2 billion data center complex in Lenoir, North Carolina, and a $2.4 billion center in Berkley County, South Carolina, are two branches of a large network of data centers all over the world. They are full of row after row of machines, all working together to make Google function — and giving off massive amounts of heat.

Google’s server rooms must be kept at exacting humidity levels. Too much moisture in the air can damage computer equipment, but a lack of humidity can also cause problems, such as static electricity buildup and electrostatic damage. Data centers typically run constant water misters to keep the humidity level at just the right amount.

Google uses more than 4 billion gallons of water per year. Some of it is used in offices, but most is consumed by its data centers, where Besco Commercial’s high-purity water is sprayed into the air through ultrasonic humidifiers.

Besco Solution: To protect the information on the internet, Google turned to Besco Commercial to supply these ultrasonic misters with high-purity water. Besco’s water treatment experts designed a reverse-osmosis system.

In data centers, water must be purified before it is misted into the air. Any mineral buildup in the humidifier would affect the desired application of fine-mist fog, and could create maintenance issues. Any impurities in the misted water could lead to buildup or deposits on the computer equipment, potentially causing corrosion or damage.

When ultrapure water is necessary for effective humidity control in an IT environment, Besco can custom tailor a solution. Besco Commercial is proud to play a part in protecting Google’s high-performance computers.

Client: Plastic Trim International, division of Minth Group of China – East Tawas, MI

installation of commercial water treatment equipment
installation of commercial water treatment equipment

Client Challenge: Minth Group is a global manufacturer headquartered in China with U.S. bases in Lewisburg, Tennessee, and in Wixom and East Tawas, Michigan. Minth supplies trim, molding and decorative auto parts to many world-renowned international automakers, including General Motors Co., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volkswagen AG and Nissan Motor Co. In 2019, Minth subsidiary Plastic Trim International completed a $16.1 million upgrade at its East Tawas manufacturing plant. Due to this growth and demand for painted plastic automotive exterior trim components, Minth needed a system to feed a paint line for final rinse of these products.

Besco Solution: Plastic Trim International contacted Besco because of its reputation as a well-established commercial water-treatment company. Besco engineers worked with plant managers at Plastic Trim International to design a water-treatment solution for the final rinse of these automotive exterior trim components. Due to the rapid growth in sales and the need for expanding capacity, Besco engineers worked on this continuing installation for over a two-year period. Besco Commercial can solve any custom needs, such as this system to feed the paint line for a final rinse.

Client: Linn Products – Charlotte, MI

installation of commercial water treatment equipment
installation of commercial water treatment equipment - DI regen plant

Client Challenge: Linn is an aluminum parts supplier with more than 210,000 square feet of combined operations space in two adjacent facilities in Charlotte, Michigan, about 20 miles southwest of Lansing. Linn provides custom-engineered aluminum extrusions for automotive, architectural and manufacturing clients in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico and Europe. Parts are anodized in chemical baths to enhance their durability. Linn had used an older reverse-osmosis system for water quality, but that system was not able to keep up with demand, so they contacted Besco.

Besco Solution: Besco management and engineers met extensively with the Linn project engineers to devise a strategy that would suit Linn’s growing needs. As a result, Besco installed a reverse-osmosis system capable of handling 43,000 gallons per day, or 30 gallons per minute, using eight-inch membranes. The reverse-osmosis system was built on a small frame, due to the space limitations Linn had in its manufacturing facility. Besco prides itself on its ability to design flexible solutions that meet clients’ needs for the present and future.

Client: Biewer Lumber – McBain, MI

Biewer Saw Mill Dealkalizer

Client Challenge: Biewer operates 5 sawmills, two of which are located in Northern Michigan. These sawmills furnish the raw product for Biewer to process and treat over 350,000,000 board feet annually. The finished product is then distributed through Biewer’s Lansing, Prentice and Seneca distribution facilities to support Midwest lumber markets. As these sawmills must operate continuously and reliably maintaining their water treatment systems is critical.

Besco Solution: Providing quality service is a hallmark of Besco Commercial Water Treatment. Since the Biewer sawmills are in Red Pine Country, they are far from larger cities. Getting reliable and expert service is important to Biewer in maintaining its boiler with a de-alkalizer that we recently installed. The boiler is a critical part of their production as it operates to create heat for their kiln-dried lumber. No matter where the assignment, Besco Commercial takes pride in providing quality service on a 24/7 basis.

Client: NSF International – Ann Arbor, MI

Commercial Water Treatment Solution for NSF International
Water Treatment for NSF International Ann Arbor
Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment for NSF International

Client Challenge: NSF International is an internationally-recognized sanitation and public health testing company that is planning a new testing facility in Ann Arbor, MI. To recreate the various situations that would be faced by new products entering the market, NSF International required ultrapure water as a control to which they can add elements to fabricate the different types of water that could run through the products that they test.

Besco Solution: In order to meet NSF’s ultrapure water needs, Besco Commercial’s water experts designed a system that combines carbon backwash filters for de-chlorination, a water softener for hardness removal, reverse osmosis system for purification, a permeate tank for reverse osmosis water storage, a pressurization pump and an ultraviolet end treatment for disinfection. Since this was a new project within an empty, existing building, Besco worked closely with the owner (NSF), the general contractor, the pipe fitter and electrician to plan for size, installation and flow requirements. The water treatment project was delivered on-time and on-budget as scheduled for NSF International in Ann Arbor, MI.

Client: Clemens Food Group, Coldwater, Michigan

Industrial Water Softeners at Clemens Food Group
Blue water softener tanks at Clemens Food Group
Installed water treatment tanks at Clemens Food Group
Blue boiler softener at Clemens Food Group
Installed brine tank at Clemens Food Group

Client Challenge: Clemens Food Group has been serving its community for over 120 years. Their company has been constructing a new fresh pork facility in Coldwater, MI which will begin operating in the fall of 2017. With their recent developments, they required water treatment systems that would produce high-quality softened water for their pork packaging facility which produces products found in popular grocery stores and restaurants such as Olive Garden and Panera Bread.

Besco Solution: With over 50 years of experience handling the water treatment needs of various food industries, Besco Commercial had the expertise and know-how to provide Clemens Food Group the ideal water treatment solution. We assembled and installed a 5,400,000 grain system as their main water supply, as well as a 1,050,000 grain system for their boiler system. We also designed the implementation of a brine silo and brine transfer pump. After the installation was completed, a qualified Besco specialist met on site with the Clemens Food Group to train their staff on the functionality, operation and maintenance of the system. The project was completed on time and on budget as is the Besco Commercial Pledge.

Client: United States of America, U.S. Embassy in Peru, Lima, Peru

U.S. Embassy Water Filtration System
U.S. Embassy Water Filtration System on truck

Client Challenge: Install a filtration and water softener system for a high security U.S. Government building in a foreign country. Do it at the best cost possible but not sacrificing quality and professionalism. Contractor’s employees could not install the system. It had to be designed, assembled and tested in the United States before shipping to Peru with instructions on how to install by contractors in Peru hired by the U.S. Government.

Besco Solution: Besco has experience with this type of installation so the added security and assembly requirements could be met while ensuring that the United States would be pleased with the system. Besco won the bid on this project based on cost, reputation and the ability to do this type of “remote installation”. So Besco engineered and assembled the system with the manufacturer at their facility in Doral, Florida. After assembly, it was shipped to the jobsite at the Embassy in Lima, Peru. It was then installed by Peruvian contractors cleared for high security. Once installed, a Besco qualified service technician flew to Peru to perform the programming, start-up and training of the Embassy workers on how to operate the system.

The U.S. Government officials at the Embassy were ecstatic at the level of communication and the smooth and efficient operation of the new filtration and water softener system. They were totally satisfied with the completed project.

Client: ODL, Inc. (Ottawa Door Lights) Zeeland, Michigan

Ottawa Door Lights’ Ultra Pure Water System
Ultra Pure Water system for manufacturing
Ultra Pure Water System

Client Challenge: ODL, Inc. is a world-wide manufacturer of door glass and door glass frames, and was founded and is still headquartered in Zeeland for the past 70 years. ODL was experiencing problems in their glass washing process at their Zeeland manufacturing and distribution center. With double-pane windows there cannot be any residue or spotting on them before shipping. Being a world-wide leader in door glass and frames all products have to ship in perfect condition.

Besco Solution: Besco analyzed the problem ODL was experiencing and devised a strategy that included ultra-pure water for the rinsing process. The challenge was fitting all of the necessary equipment into a very small footprint. In order to accomplish this, Besco recommended that a mezzanine be constructed in the manufacturing facility to hold the permeate storage tank for the ultra-pure water. ODL agreed, and the system was installed. As a result, the look and quality of their product has dramatically increased.

In fact, ODL was so impressed with the way their door glass looked and its quality presentation value that they ordered another similar system designed by Besco Commercial Water Treatment for their manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Client: Chrysan Industries, Plymouth, Michigan

Chrysan Industries Water Purification System

Client Challenge: Chrysan is a manufacturer of lubricating oils and greases. In this particular application, Chrysan makes compounds that are sold to the molding industry. The end product is a releasing agent that is sprayed on the mold so that the parts do not stick. They required a consistent quality of water so that when adding their chemicals, they would have a baseline.

Besco Solution: Besco designed a purified water system that was engineered for the batch making of the compounds. The process requires a consistent quality of water which the Besco design team was able to meet. The quality of water is continually monitored as well. Besco designed a special controller that automatically opens a drainage valve if the water quality ever falls below a specific set point. Once desired water quality is achieved, the valve will automatically close and the product water will resume to process. This resulted in a more efficient use of their mixing process which has saved Chrysan money.

Client: Brasscraft, Division of Masco, Novi, Michigan

Ultra-Pure Water System

Client Challenge: BrassCraft, a Masco Company, is a leading manufacturer of water supplies and gas plumbing products for new construction, repair and remodel markets. They were in need of ultra-pure water for ultrasonic humidification as part of their work in their environment testing lab.

Besco Solution: In working with our partner here, Hi-Tech Environments, Besco designed a system for Hi-Tech that was able to feed ultra-pure water suitable for ultrasonic humidification into the testing lab so the Brasscraft staff could conduct their experiments in an atmosphere conducive to producing the results that they needed. Besco works with Hi-Tech on a regular basis on installations such as these.

Client: State of Michigan, Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Pittsfield Township, Michigan

Huron Valley Correctional Facility Water Softener System

Client Challenge: Security. Speed. Limited Downtime. Those were the keys to this project for the State at Huron Valley. The actual installation was that of a water softener system for a boiler at the prison. The agency required background checks on all Besco employees. In addition, all Besco workers had to adhere to stringent security requirements dictated by the prison environment.

Besco Solution: Besco has deep experience with this type of installation so the added security and time requirements could be met while ensuring that the State would be pleased with the installation. So Besco engineered, sold and removed the existing equipment, and then installed the replacement equipment. This new water softener system was completely installed, and was up and running all in one day, due to the meticulous coordination efforts of the Besco Team. Photos were taken prior to the installation so that all materials were present at the time of installation.

An environmental extraction company was scheduled to have the old materials removed and taken away enabling Besco’s team to have the existing system removed and off-site within two hours. The technicians then went to work installing the new system. It was all accomplished by 3:30PM…fully functioning and operational. The coordination and installation of a system this size typically requires a minimum of two days to complete, we did it in one. Besco Commercial Water Treatment can keep a timeline and, because of the volume of systems that we’ve engineered, we know how to do it efficiently and with limited downtime for our customers.

Client: J.P.Morgan/Chase Data Center – Belleville, Michigan

Chase Bank Besco Water Treatment Installation
JP Morgan Besco Water Treatment Installation

Client Challenge: As one of Michigan’s biggest banks and one of the top five in the nation, reliable data is the lifeblood of Chase Bank’s business. One of its largest data centers is in Belleville, Michigan where millions of accounts are processed daily. Since security is a top priority, Chase was looking for a “plug and play” solution that could be preassembled and be delivered on skids to their dock for easy installation.

Besco Solution: Besco Commercial Water Treatment is very familiar with unusual installations for its big commercial customers and is happy to work under all circumstances to satisfy customer requirements regardless of complexity. So, Chase Bank needed a pre-designed system that could be delivered on skids and installed quickly and easily. Secondly, it could only occupy a certain footprint in their data center. Thirdly, it needed full redundancy in the event of failure. Besco Commercial was able to meet all of these requirements and engineered a stainless steel skid that fit Chase’s design and provided redundancy. All the system needed once delivered to the Chase facility was power, a feed line, a process line and a drain…then it was ready to run and produce high quality water for the Chase data facility. Besco kept the installation phase to a bare minimum in keeping with Chase Bank’s requirements, so all face-piping and operational components were pre-wired and plumbed at Besco Commercial’s plant.

Please note the picture below of the installation is on a skid at the Besco plant as no photos are permitted in the Chase Bank data center.

Client: Gallagher Industrial Laundry, Inc. – Battle Creek, Michigan

besco custom designed water system
besco water custom designed water system

Client Challenge: This client has experienced substantial growth and was maxing out good, but outdated equipment. This was leading to inefficiencies, break-downs and a limited availability of replacement parts. Gallagher was just really having to run undersized equipment for their current and future needs. The client has had a 30-year relationship with Besco Water, so the trust was already in place.

Besco Solution: Besco recommended and installed a brand new system. One of the great benefits to Gallagher of this new water treatment plan was a “brine reclaim system” custom-designed by Besco Water to reclaim the brine and redirect it into the brine tank. By doing this Gallagher is able to save about 30% on their salt costs. Other benefits of the new installation are a better understanding of the flow rates and water usage at any given point. Gallagher can see peak demand flow rates which is valuable for them, and, in addition, there is a recorded history that a service tech can easily access in troubleshooting any service issues.

Client: Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Company – Grand Ledge, Michigan

Besco Commercial Water Conditioning Systems Tanks for Soapy Joe's Car wash
Besco Commercial Water Conditioning Systems Tanks for Soapy Joe's Car wash
Besco Commercial Water Conditioning Systems Tanks for Soapy Joe's Car wash

Client Challenge: Owner was having trouble maintaining consistent water quality for automatic car wash facility. He was interested in replacing the valves to upgrade his equipment as the water quality is critical to insure the quality of the washes for his customers. While water usage is fairly consistent throughout the month, it fluctuates greatly based on weather and high traffic times. He has had a long-standing relationship with Besco in the Greater Lansing market and trusted Besco’s reputation for good service and innovative ideas.

Besco Solution: We went in to assess the feasibility of rebuilding their current water treatment system versus replacing it with new equipment. We completed a cost analysis and presented the advantages of upgrading their system with the goals of maintaining consistent water quality, improving efficiency, and creating versatility for potential future growth. Our engineers designed a water treatment system with a computerized control system to monitor flow rates and activate tanks based on water flow to keep up with their varying daily usage pattern.

So, during the slower times when the demand for water is low, only one softening unit is online. As business escalates and the demand for water increases, the Besco-designed control system activates additional softening tanks to satisfy the current demand for water. This ensures that Soapy Joe’s maintains consistent water quality throughout the day and maximizes the efficiency of the system, saving salt and water, by eliminating unnecessary regenerations.

In addition, the design of the system provides for future growth which is very important to this client. The system can be customized to meet increasing water demands. Please view our photos of the installation below.

Client: Hausbeck Pickle Company - Saginaw, MI

Besco Commercial De-chlorinization Tanks for Hausbeck Pickle Company
Besco Commercial De-chlorinization Tanks for Hausbeck Pickle Company
Besco Commercial De-chlorinization Tanks for Hausbeck Pickle Company

Client Challenge: Hausbeck Pickle Company contacted Besco Water Treatment online with specific water treatment needs. As a supplier of pickles and peppers to 75% of the Subway restaurants east of the Mississippi River and in Canada, it is important to Hausbeck Pickle Company to have chlorine-free water readily available to deliver quality products to clients, such as Subway, Papa John’s and others.

Besco Solution: With more than 50 years of experience in the water treatment industry, Besco Water Treatment was up to the task. By installing carbon backwash filters for de-chlorinization, Hausbeck Pickle Company’s needs were met, and they were able to continue producing their keystone products at their specified quality levels for clients across the country.

Client: Gratiot Finishing - Detroit, MI Plating Company

Client Challenge: A call came in from Gratiot Finishing in Detroit, MI. They were experiencing a problem with their outdated auto deionization system. The runs in between regenerations were short and the quality of the water was not acceptable. This would cause the processed parts to build up with dissolved solids. The customer then had to have staff physically clean the parts prior to shipping thereby increasing labor costs.

Besco Solution: Besco performed a complete analysis of their needs including the cost of operation and repairs to the existing D.I. system versus utilizing R/O technology. Besco then proposed reverse osmosis systems with de-chlorination and water softening pre-treatment along with a re-pressurization system. The R/O technology was able to provide the quantity and quality of water that was required for their processing needs. In addition to meeting the customer’s needs in regards to water quality, the customer has realized significant savings in water and chemical costs.

Client: Northpointe Woods – Battle Creek, MI

Northpointe Woods Industrial Water Treatment System
Northpointe Woods Industrial Water Treatment System
Northpointe Woods Industrial Water Treatment System
Northpointe Woods Industrial Water Treatment System
Northpointe Woods Industrial Water Treatment System

Client Challenge: Northpointe Woods, a senior housing complex located in Battle Creek, Michigan, called Besco Commercial Water Treatment, because they were in need of updating their existing commercial water softening equipment. This presented a challenge because of the space limitations that the facility had. The existing system was overcrowding a gated area that protects the electrical panels that the facility regularly utilizes.

Besco Solution: Besco engineered a “tri-plex demand recall system” that will automatically adjust with the fluctuations of flow rate demand that the senior housing complex has. As the flow rate demand for softened water increases to the peak level of one tank, the system will bring on another tank… up to three… to meet the flow rate demands that are called for.

Besco Commercial Water Treatment demolished the existing system and installed the new system closer to the wall to improve space requirements for the facility. Besco then moved the salt storage tanks into an adjacent room and hard-plumbed the brine line to the water system. This move saved Northpointe Woods enough space that they were able to easily access the gated area without any obstructions.

Client: Korex Corporation - Wixom, MI and Toronto, Canada

Korex Corporation Water purification system – Wixom, MI and Toronto, Canada
Korex Corporation Water purification system – Wixom, MI and Toronto, Canada
industrial reverse osmosis for Korex Corporation Water purification system – Wixom, MI and Toronto, Canada
Korex Corporation Water purification system – Wixom, MI and Toronto, Canada
Korex Corporation Water purification system – Wixom, MI and Toronto, Canada

Client Challenge: Both Korex facilities required 20 gpm high purity systems for their batching process. The quality requirement was 1 megohm resistivity continuous flow.

Besco Solution: Besco engineered a system consisting of reverse osmosis technology, pre-treatment, deionization, ultraviolet and sub-micron filtration. In the interim, while the system was being installed, Besco provided high flow jumbo deionization tanks for the temporary plant so that production could begin immediately.

Client: Arcadia Brewing – Kalamazoo, MI

Arcadia Brewing - Kalamazoo 3 system water treatment

Besco designed and installed a chlorination and organic removal system for the new Arcadia Brewing Company located in Kalamazoo, MI.

Client Challenge: During the design process Arcadia contacted Besco Commercial Water Treatment to hire it to research and to determine the best method for de-chlorination and organic removal processing for their beer brewing process. In addition, they required softened water on a separate line to treat the kitchen and the bathroom areas. For the brewing process they required 50 gpm continuous flow at less than 15 psi drop.

Besco Solution: Besco Commercial Water Treatment installed a 42” diameter carbon backwash system with a 2” control valve. The valve will capture pertinent information such as average gpm, total water usage, average flow rate, and the number of backwashes since start up. All of this information is instrumental in the diagnostic process of Arcadia Brewing Company.

Two weeks after the install Besco followed up on the new system to be certain that it was producing as promised. It was. The system is working as specified and Arcadia has brewed many batches utilizing Besco Commercial Water Treatment’s designed system.

Client: Finishline Laundry – Battle Creek, MI

finish line custom designed water-treatment system

Client Challenge: Customer has a large coin-operated laundry facility that is on well water containing high amounts of iron and hardness. They had an existing commercial water softener in place and the control valve had split. He was in immediate need of a new system as the existing system was 15 years old. Custom designed commercial systems can take up to several weeks from conception to installation. The customer called Besco and we went to work on it.

Besco Solution: Besco overnight shipped a valve and installed it the very next day as a temporary solution while a new system was designed and put on order. The System they ordered was able to use the control valve they originally put in place as a temporary solution, which is an important point because it saved the client money. The system arrived on site within a week and the Besco technicians installed it immediately. The customer suffered minimal down time due to the Besco staff understanding the urgency of the situation and responding in kind.

Client: Lakeshore Powder Coating – Grand Haven, MI

Client Challenge: Client utilizes a powder coat paint line for processing automotive and office parts. The effect that the raw municipal water had on the parts was creating quality issues for their team.

Besco Solution: Besco analyzed the water quality and process requirements of the client and designed a system consisting of four stages: pre-treatment, processing, storage and re-pressurization. After assisting the client with the possible location for the equipment, Besco installed, performed start up, trained the staff on the functions of the system and assisted them with initiating a maintenance program. As a result of the system being installed, customer satisfaction on the processed parts is at an all time high and the client has achieved reduced costs on labor and scrap material.

Client: II Stanley - Battle Creek, Michigan

Client Challenge: Besco received a call from II Stanley inquiring about low TDS water for their new “fogging”, environmental test chamber and for the final rinse process of new equipment that would be arriving in several months. The challenge for II Stanley was that they required the high purity water for the “fogging” chamber immediately, but did not now exactly what the gallons per day requirements were for the equipment that was due in several months.

Besco Solution: Besco designed a smaller system for the environmental test chamber on a short term, all inclusive rental basis. This would allow the customer to utilize the chamber while waiting for the new equipment to arrive. The 8000 gpd system was in stock and delivered immediately. Once all of the parameters were known for the new equipment, Besco designed a system that would accommodate both needs.

Client: Gerber Baby Products division of Nestle, Inc.

Gerber carbon backwash filter for chlorine and organic removal

Client Challenge: As the world leader in baby food products, Gerber is sold in 80 countries around the world. Founded in Fremont, Michigan in 1927 and still headquartered there, Gerber produces over 190 products maintaining a market share in the United States alone of 83%. When it came to special water treatment needs, Gerber came to Besco Commercial. Gerber was in need of a carbon backwash filter for chlorine and organic removal. This system was to be installed in their Food Research wing. Gerber specified that it had to have the ability to be steam sanitized at up to 165 degrees.

Besco Solution: When working with its international customers Besco realizes that not only do the application specifications need to be met, but the installation must seamlessly interface with other internal systems and be designed for the utmost safety of the customer’s work force. This system was designed with special safeguards to do just that. To solve Gerber Baby Products needs, Besco designed and built a stainless steel system with high temperature solenoid values, face-piping and a PLC controller that can be monitored and controlled from the customer’s BMS system. Since this system required extensive programming, Besco outsourced a programmer from Texas to write custom code for this application to ensure that all functions interface with the current operating system at Gerber.

In addition, when dealing with high temperatures such as were required here, many safeguards were built into the system to prevent injury in case of a failure. These safeguards were designed and customized by Besco Commercial in a redundant fashion so that in the event of a steam leak, the system would automatically shut itself down.

Client: Henry Ford Health System - Detroit, Michigan

Client Challenge: With 6 hospitals and 103 ambulatory facilities Henry Ford Health System has 15,374 employees and about 5 billion dollars in revenue. With an operation of this size in a “life and death” environment, all computers must run 100% of the time and with no failure. As part of their strategy for no downtime, Henry Ford Hospital Data Center had the need for a high purity system for ultrasonic humidification. Since data centers are required to maintain a controlled environment with specific humidity for the operation of their hard drives and data storage devices, the quality of the air in the data center is critical. Any impurities in the air can create dust and that can lead to the eventual failure of critical systems.

Besco Solution: Designing and installing a high purity system for ultrasonic humidification is a core competency of Besco Commercial. We have done it before and understand the critical nature of the application and the need for precision. The real challenge at Henry Ford, and one that Besco faced at Chase Bank too, was the small space that the installation had to fit into. Besco Commercial was given a footprint that was approximately 4’ in depth. However, just as at Chase, we were able to manipulate the equipment to fit this small area and provide the humidification requirements that the Health System needed for a successful installation.

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