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Industrial Deicing Salt

Deicing salt is used to melt ice on roads in freezing weather. This salt comprises sodium chloride (NaCl) or table salt, known as rock salt. When salt is spread on the street, the large granules help to melt the snow. Thousands of tons of deicing salt are used to break down the ice on the roads. Deicing salt is used on roadways, driveways, airport pavement, aircraft and trains. It also works as a pesticide in the summer.

Commercial Uses of Deicing Salt

Deicing salt helps prevent collisions, fatal injuries, and highway fatalities considerably. Many states that experience harsh snow rely heavily on deicing salt. You can store deicing salt in bulk for long periods without losing its melting capabilities. We provide deicing salt in bulk to help you prepare for winters in advance. It is also relatively easy to spread and makes life easier. In addition, deicing salt helps to solve the following problems:

Icy Road Conditions

Dump trucks and snowplows spread deicing salt on roads to melt ice. Sodium chloride (rock salt) helps in minimizing road accidents.


A bag of deicing salt can work as a pesticide in hot seasons. You can sprinkle it on cracks in pavements to keep the ants away. But, first, dry the area before sprinkling the salt for better results.


When it is freezing on the ground, the frozen contaminant interfered with the aircraft’s aerodynamic properties. As a result, the engines can be damaged by dislodged ice. Deicing salt is used to protect the metal.

Trains & Rail Switches:

Deicing salt helps trains and rail switches in arctic regions to remove ice. However, a constant heat source is needed to assure train and rail switch functionality on cold days. Heaters are used in the train’s suspension, brakes, and couplers for deicing. These high-powered electrical heaters prevent ice formation and increase the melting speed.

Buy Deicing Salt in Bulk or by the Bag

You can contact us to test your water. We will provide the best treatment for your water problems. In addition, we provide deicing salt in bulk so you never run out of them. You can also buy your deicing salt by the bag at your convenience. Here are a few of our deicing salt options:

Diamond Crystal® Halite Winter Melt® Deicing Crystals


  • Unique sizing mixture of large and small crystals of sodium chloride Natural mineral, rock salt
  • Available in 50 and 80 lb. Bags

Small crystals melt on contact and large crystals provide longevity

  • High-capacity ice melter
  • Crystals provide traction
  • Cost effective
  • No oily residue
Bag of Halite Winter Melt deicing salt
Economical Ice Melter

Diamond Crystal® Jiffy Melt® Deicing Crystals


  • Specially formulated deicer blend of calcium, potassium, and sodium chloride for fast action
  • Economical performer
  • Allows for lower application rates
  • Available in 40 lb. bags


  • High-capacity ice melt capabilities
  • Calcium chloride component provides quick-start action
  • and helps increase effectiveness in sub-zero deicing
  • Cost effective choice to premium blends and more expensive substitutes
  • No oily residue
Bag of Jiffy Melt deicing salt
High Performance Ice Melter

Free Consultations

Free Consultations

Featured Case Study

Client: Lakeshore Powder Coating – Grand Haven, MI

Client Challenge: Client utilizes a powder coat paint line for processing automotive and office parts. The effect that the raw municipal water had on the parts was creating quality issues for their team.

Besco Solution:Besco analyzed the water quality and process requirements of the client and designed a system consisting of four stages: pre-treatment, processing, storage and re-pressurization. After assisting the client with the possible location for the equipment, Besco installed, performed start up, trained the staff on the functions of the system and assisted them with initiating a maintenance program. As a result of the system being installed, customer satisfaction on the processed parts is at an all time high and the client has achieved reduced costs on labor and scrap material.

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