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Client: State of Michigan, Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Pittsfield Township, Michigan

Huron Valley Correctional Facility Water Softener System

Client Challenge: Security. Speed. Limited Downtime. Those were the keys to this project for the State at Huron Valley. The actual installation was that of a water softener system for a boiler at the prison. The agency required background checks on all Besco employees. In addition, all Besco workers had to adhere to stringent security requirements dictated by the prison environment.

Besco Solution: Besco has deep experience with this type of installation so the added security and time requirements could be met while ensuring that the State would be pleased with the installation. So Besco engineered, sold and removed the existing equipment, and then installed the replacement equipment. This new water softener system was completely installed, and was up and running all in one day, due to the meticulous coordination efforts of the Besco Team. Photos were taken prior to the installation so that all materials were present at the time of installation.

An environmental extraction company was scheduled to have the old materials removed and taken away enabling Besco’s team to have the existing system removed and off-site within two hours. The technicians then went to work installing the new system. It was all accomplished by 3:30PM…fully functioning and operational. The coordination and installation of a system this size typically requires a minimum of two days to complete, we did it in one. Besco Commercial Water Treatment can keep a timeline and, because of the volume of systems that we’ve engineered, we know how to do it efficiently and with limited downtime for our customers.

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