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Client: Arcadia Brewing – Kalamazoo, MI

Arcadia Brewing - Kalamazoo 3 system water treatment
Besco designed and installed a chlorination and organic removal system for the new Arcadia Brewing Company located in Kalamazoo, MI. Client Challenge: During the design process Arcadia contacted Besco Commercial Water Treatment to hire it to research and to determine the best method for de-chlorination and organic removal processing for their beer brewing process. In addition, they required softened water on a separate line to treat the kitchen and the bathroom areas. For the brewing process they required 50 gpm continuous flow at less than 15 psi drop. Besco Solution: Besco Commercial Water Treatment installed a 42” diameter carbon backwash system with a 2” control valve. The valve will capture pertinent information such as average gpm, total water usage, average flow rate, and the number of backwashes since start up. All of this information is instrumental in the diagnostic process of Arcadia Brewing Company. Two weeks after the install Besco followed up on the new system to be certain that it was producing as promised. It was. The system is working as specified and Arcadia has brewed many batches utilizing Besco Commercial Water Treatment’s designed system.
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