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Dealkalization of Water

dealkalizationIn many industrial and commercial settings boilers are used for a variety of purposes. Dealkalizers are most often used as pre-treatment to a boiler and are usually preceded by a commercial water softener.

Custom Installations for your Water Dealkalization Needs

Installed boiler water treatment tanks

Besco Commercial Water Treatment will assist you in preparing the plans for your dealkalization needs. Besco dealkalization products are designed for commercial and industrial boiler-feed applications usually demanding a continuous dealkalized water supply. All Besco systems feature twin-alternation configurations with one tank in service at all times. You can choose individual tank capacity for your project from 5,000 grain up to 1M grain with continuous flow rates of 1-500 GPM. Besco would require water softener pre-treatment for this installation.

Water Dealkalization Systems

Other Features include:

  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester pressure vessels.
  • High capacity, strong-base anion exchange resin in chloride-form.
  • Brass, top mounted twin-tank control valve with integral brine injector.
  • Built-in controls for continuous dealkalized water supply.
  • Automatic-reset water meter for volume initiated regeneration.
  • Self-adjusting flow control to maintain accurate backwash rates.
  • Internal distribution system allowing for minimal pressure drop and optimal regeneration.
  • Rigid, polyethylene brine tanks with dry-salt shelf platform and water refill valves.

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