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DI (deionized) water has many applications due to its high level of purity. Many of these applications are for the automobile industry, where DI water is used for engine coolant, car washes, car batteries and other auto cooling equipment....
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Protect Your Business from PFAS Chemicals

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) chemicals were developed in the 1940s, and have been used in the production of commercial, industrial, and consumer products such as non-stick cookware, water-resistant fabrics, fire-fighting foams, and grease-proof food packaging. In 2002, companies...
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What is a Grow Op?

Before we delve into the specifics of planning a grow operation, it is important to establish an understanding of what a growing op actually is. According to Google, a grow operation is an enterprise or facility engaged in the...
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DI Water Market Research

A recent study was done by Future Market Insights on the global market for deionized water systems. FMI is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm. Their report includes a global industry analysis and opportunity assessment for deionized water...
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Whether your business needs treated water for a particular process or you simply need clean drinking water for customers and employees, having a quality water treatment system will put your mind at ease. Whether your water comes from a...
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At Besco Water Treatment, we understand that effective water practices help keep small businesses productive. The availability of purified water for drinking, cleaning, hygiene and other common workplace uses is essential to maintaining company standards, where every opportunity for...

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Client: Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Company – Grand Ledge, Michigan

Besco Commercial Water Conditioning Systems Tanks for Soapy Joe's Car wash
Besco Commercial Water Conditioning Systems Tanks for Soapy Joe's Car wash
Besco Commercial Water Conditioning Systems Tanks for Soapy Joe's Car wash

Client Challenge: Owner was having trouble maintaining consistent water quality for automatic car wash facility. He was interested in replacing the valves to upgrade his equipment as the water quality is critical to insure the quality of the washes for his customers. While water usage is fairly consistent throughout the month, it fluctuates greatly based on weather and high traffic times. He has had a long-standing relationship with Besco in the Greater Lansing market and trusted Besco’s reputation for good service and innovative ideas.

Besco Solution: We went in to assess the feasibility of rebuilding their current water treatment system versus replacing it with new equipment. We completed a cost analysis and presented the advantages of upgrading their system with the goals of maintaining consistent water quality, improving efficiency, and creating versatility for potential future growth. Our engineers designed a water treatment system with a computerized control system to monitor flow rates and activate tanks based on water flow to keep up with their varying daily usage pattern.

So, during the slower times when the demand for water is low, only one softening unit is online. As business escalates and the demand for water increases, the Besco-designed control system activates additional softening tanks to satisfy the current demand for water. This ensures that Soapy Joe’s maintains consistent water quality throughout the day and maximizes the efficiency of the system, saving salt and water, by eliminating unnecessary regenerations.

In addition, the design of the system provides for future growth which is very important to this client. The system can be customized to meet increasing water demands. Please view our photos of the installation below.

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