Degasification of Water

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If your business requires water with low levels of gases and contaminants, Besco Commercial has water degasification systems for you.

Degasifying water can:

  • Increase the life of your other equipment
  • Prevent and control corrosion

An expert from Besco Commercial will work with you to figure out what kind of degasification system you need and provide a reliable solution.

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If your industrial application requires ultrapure water with low levels of dissolved gases and other contaminants, degasification will increase the life of your equipment, processing your applications by preventing and controlling corrosion. Dissolved nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide can be detrimental to processes that require ultrapure water, so choosing the right system, from the right experts is paramount to your operation.

In some cases, degasification by gas-liquid separation membranes are recommended. In others, a high-efficiency vacuum degasifier. In either case, Besco Commerical can help you evaluate your needs and provide a reliable and economical solution for your project.

High-Efficiency Water Degasifier Systems

By forcing a column of air over a thin layer of down-flow water, you allow gases and other volatile substances to escape and vaporize into that stream of air, thus creating the safe, pure water you need.

The degasifier has three main components: a tower, a blower and a sump. It is mechanical and does not need chemicals to operate. It runs on electricity.

Degasifiers are not a replacement for boiler feed systems, but they will work in perfect harmony with activated carbon filters for almost complete removal of gases and other contaminants.

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