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Whether your business needs treated water for a particular process or you simply need clean drinking water for customers and employees, having a quality water treatment system will put your mind at ease. Whether your water comes from a...
Water Treatment Tips

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At Besco Water Treatment, we understand that effective water practices help keep small businesses productive. The availability of purified water for drinking, cleaning, hygiene and other common workplace uses is essential to maintaining company standards, where every opportunity for...

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Client: Google – Lenoir, NC, and Berkley County, SC

Client Challenge: Google is a multinational technology company with 78 offices in more than 50 countries. is the most visited website in the world. But Google is more than a search engine, it is also a software developer, advertising platform and cloud computing platform.

Google’s $1.2 billion data center complex in Lenoir, North Carolina, and a $2.4 billion center in Berkley County, South Carolina, are two branches of a large network of data centers all over the world. They are full of row after row of machines, all working together to make Google function -- and giving off massive amounts of heat.

Google’s server rooms must be kept at exacting humidity levels. Too much moisture in the air can damage computer equipment, but a lack of humidity can also cause problems, such as static electricity buildup and electrostatic damage. Data centers typically run constant water misters to keep the humidity level at just the right amount.

Google uses more than 4 billion gallons of water per year. Some of it is used in offices, but most is consumed by its data centers, where Besco Commercial’s high-purity water is sprayed into the air through ultrasonic humidifiers.

Besco Solution: To protect the information on the internet, Google turned to Besco Commercial to supply these ultrasonic misters with high-purity water. Besco’s water treatment experts designed a reverse-osmosis system.

In data centers, water must be purified before it is misted into the air. Any mineral buildup in the humidifier would affect the desired application of fine-mist fog, and could create maintenance issues. Any impurities in the misted water could lead to buildup or deposits on the computer equipment, potentially causing corrosion or damage.

When ultrapure water is necessary for effective humidity control in an IT environment, Besco can custom tailor a solution. Besco Commercial is proud to play a part in protecting Google’s high-performance computers.

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