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If your business needs deionized water, get a system from Besco Commercial. Our deionized water systems are designed to your unique industry needs. Our deionized water systems benefit many industries, including:

  • Laboratory research
  • Distilleries
  • Bio-Medical
  • Engineering

…and many more.

Deionized water is great for those who need water free from copper, iron, minerals and other impurities that could contaminate a final product. To learn more about Besco Commercial’s deionized water systems, call us today at (800) 964-0257 or fill out our online contact form.

Our deionized water systems are designed to the unique specs required for your industry. Besco Commercial has served the heavy-duty water treatment needs of large manufacturers, deionized water systems for laboratories and all types of businesses in between. Deionized water is a great solution for high purity water needs in certain manufacturing sectors. Combined with reverse osmosis water treatment, deionized water treatment systems can work as a polishing treatment for high purity water applications in high-spec manufacturing and research laboratory water applications. When water quality is imperative to your business, call the Besco Commercial technicians to design a deionizing system for your needs.

Water Deionization Experts

Deionization water filter system installed

If you are in need of high purity water for your business, choosing a DI water system from Besco Commercial Water Treatment is a smart and economical choice. Our highly-trained staff is knowledgeable in the process of water deionization, and will help you design the perfect water treatment solution to meet your needs.

Deionization Water Applications

While Not every industry requires high purity water, businesses in the following industries will greatly benefit from industrial deionized water treatment systems:

  • Micro-Electronics
  • Data Center Humidification
  • Aerospace and Engineering
  • Laboratory Research
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Metal & Mechanical Plating
  • Distilleries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Cosmetics

Contact us to find out if deionized water treatment is the best treatment solution for your business. From portable systems for new manufacturing operations that need an immediate temporary treatment solution to permanent deionizers, the deionized water treatment experts at Besco Commercial will help you design the best industrial DI water system for your needs.

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Deionized Water Treatment Systems for Laboratory and Manufacturing Applications

**In manufacturing industries that supply products for high-spec industries such as pharmaceutical research, bio-medical engineering and micro-electronics, high-purity water is a crucial part of the process.** The deionization water treatment systems that Besco Commercial will design for your company will ensure that the water that goes into your production is free of copper, iron, dissolved salts, minerals and impurities that could contaminate your finished product. From mixed bed deionizers to dual bed, Besco can get the job done. You, and your customers, will rest assured knowing that you have the highest quality water deionization systems at your disposal.

For ultrapure water treatment, installing an integrated system that uses a reverse osmosis water system in tandem with a deionization treatment to give an additional, ultrapure “polishing” can often be the best solution. This maximizes your gallons per day treated while ensuring the very highest level of ultrapure water for your most critical applications.

Expert Industrial Water Deionization Systems Installation

Besco Commercial Water Treatment Inc. is one of the oldest and largest companies in the Midwest specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial DI water systems as well as integrated industrial water treatment solutions. Our project consultants are ready to assist you with your job solutions. We will review your project’s details and respond quickly with a specific plan and proposal. Call Ken Morgan, Besco Commercial General Manager, at 269-964-0257 to discuss your needs.

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