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Are you looking for commercial water treatment solutions for your lab, plant or business in Elkhart, Indiana? Besco Water Treatment has more than 60 years of experience in the water treatment industry and providing state-of-the-art water purification systems to companies throughout the Midwest. Whether you are in need of deionization, Filtration & Softening or a reverse osmosis system, the water quality experts at Besco will diagnose the problem and install a system designed to meet your commercial water needs in Elkhart, Indiana. We are the largest commercial & industrial high-purity water treatment company and operate the largest D.I. regeneration plant in Michigan, serving surrounding areas such as Elkhart. We provide no-obligation estimates for your commercial water treatment in Elkhart, IN. So, if you’re looking for commercial water treatment services for your business in the Elkhart area, choose the trusted name in the water treatment industry, Besco Commercial.

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The Great City of Elkhart

Elkhart railroadWith a population of approximately 51,000, Elkhart is well-known in both the recreational vehicle and musical instrument industries. So much so, that for decades the city has been known as the “RV Capital of the World” and the “Band Instrument Capital of the World”. Many manufacturers from both industries have long histories in the city, including: Conn Musical Instruments, Thor Motor Coach, Monaco, Forest River, Inc and HEARTLAND RV’s. The RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum is located in Elkhart as well. The city is home to some unique museums and performing arts venues such as the Ruthmere Museum and the “Time Was” Museum, which both depict life in Elkhart during the early twentieth century. The National New York Central Railroad Museum is also located in Elkhart, and it gives visitors a history of the New York Central, Penn Central, Amtrak and Conrail railroads. Performing arts venues in the city include the Lerner Theater, as well as the Bucklen Opera House, which has been open since 1884. Many locals and tourists are also drawn to Elkhart for annual events such as the three-day Elkhart Jazz Festival and Elkhart Air Show, which takes place every July.

Families in Elkhart, IN will be pleased to know that there are a number of schools their kids can attend. Elkhart Community Schools, Concord Community Schools, and Baugo Community Schools are the public school districts that service different parts of Elkhart. Children living in Elkhart also have the option to attend one of the six religious private schools. Residents can also enjoy various outdoor activities at the parks in the city. Whatever sort of business you have in Elkhart, it can most likely benefit from proper commercial water treatment services. Get your water softeners properly installed and repaired so you’ll have more time to enjoy your surroundings in Elkhart. Your employees, customers, and visitors at your place of business will appreciate the clean, purified water treatment, whether it be for business uses, drinking or just washing their hands.

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Elkhart Commercial Water Treatment Company

Elkhart is a city built on manufacturing and industry, and Besco Commercial Water Treatment has the experience and technology to provide custom commercial water purification systems to the businesses of the city and Northern Indiana area. Our highly-trained staff has knowledge in all facets of the water treatment industry, and they will deliver a solution to you on time and on budget. If you want high-quality results, choose the reliable commercial water treatment experts at Besco Commercial to take care of your business’ water treatment needs in Elkhart, IN. For more information on our commercial and industrial water treatment solutions in Elkhart, call us at (800) 964-0257.

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Free Consultations

Featured Case Study

Client: Clemens Food Group, Coldwater, Michigan

Industrial Water Softeners at Clemens Food Group
Blue water softener tanks at Clemens Food Group
Installed water treatment tanks at Clemens Food Group
Blue boiler softener at Clemens Food Group
Installed brine tank at Clemens Food Group

Client Challenge: Clemens Food Group has been serving its community for over 120 years. Their company has been constructing a new fresh pork facility in Coldwater, MI which will begin operating in the fall of 2017. With their recent developments, they required water treatment systems that would produce high-quality softened water for their pork packaging facility which produces products found in popular grocery stores and restaurants such as Olive Garden and Panera Bread.

Besco Solution: With over 50 years of experience handling the water treatment needs of various food industries, Besco Commercial had the expertise and know-how to provide Clemens Food Group the ideal water treatment solution. We assembled and installed a 5,400,000 grain system as their main water supply, as well as a 1,050,000 grain system for their boiler system. We also designed the implementation of a brine silo and brine transfer pump. After the installation was completed, a qualified Besco specialist met on site with the Clemens Food Group to train their staff on the functionality, operation and maintenance of the system. The project was completed on time and on budget as is the Besco Commercial Pledge.

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