Commercial Brewery Water Treatment and Filtration Services

[pullquote]When a brewery makes the transition to a new facility, figuring out a proper water treatment solution is step one.[/pullquote]

When a brewery makes the transition to a new facility, figuring out a proper water treatment solution is step one. Contact commercial water treatment experts who are experienced and understand the unique challenges that come with crafting water treatment solutions for the beverage industry. Every region has a unique water supply and every brewery sets out to brew their own variety of beer. Knowing the chemical composition of your water, and what kind of water you need to create your product is key to crafting a solution. If you are setting out to make the best imperial stout or American style lager, you may want a different solution for each. Contacting and hiring professionals to custom build a water treatment solution for your facility will be your best bet if you want a consistent water supply that is built to deliver the specific water profile you need.

Commercial Brewery Water Treatment

Craft beer sampler from local breweries

Craft beer brewers know that quality ingredients are what goes into making a quality product. Beer and wine are mostly water, so it isn’t difficult to understand that if you are a commercial brewery, winery, or distillery, you need a constant supply of purified water. For a brewery, having anything less than the purest water available will result in an effect on the final product and its taste. A water treatment solution that is custom designed and custom built for your brewery has to be right for your location. Your location will have water that is unique and therefore needs a custom water treatment system crafted specifically for it. Different types of beers are known to come from specific regions and part of the reason why is the water from the area. Based on the water, a brew master has to compensate and consider that with regard to the recipe.

Carbon Filters for Breweries

No matter what kind of beverage you are making, whether it’s a Pale Ale, a brown malt Porter, or an American style Lager, the water you start with can make or break your end product. The pH of your water can influence the flavor of the beer you are making. Water that is ideal for brewing is free of contaminants, odors, and especially chlorine. Using a carbon filter will remove chlorine and chloramine from your water supply. Chlorine and chloramine both kill the bacteria in the water, but can undermine your entire operation. Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters remove chlorine, chloramine, odors, pesticides, and a host of other unwanted contaminants from your brewery’s water supply. When you are considering crafting a water treatment solution for your commercial brewery, your best bet is to have your water tested by a laboratory and to have professionals design and install your water treatment system.

How Much Water is Used in Beer Production

More water goes into brewing beer than you may think. 20 gallons of water go in to making just one pint of beer. If you are planning on running a commercial brewery, you need a solution for treating and filtering this massive amount of water. It is common for a brewery to use more than five times the water than they produce in beer. When you use quality water for your brewery, you are able to have more control over your end products. Brewing starts with an idea and a passion for crafting quality beer, and having consistently pure water is step one for any master brewer.