Questions for Your DI Water Provider

DI (deionized) water has many applications due to its high level of purity. Many of these applications are for the automobile industry, where DI water is used for engine coolant, car washes, car batteries and other auto cooling equipment. Deionized water is also used in aquariums and in hygiene products. As you can see, there are numerous applications for deionized water. If your business is one of the many that require this ultrapure form of water, you will need to find a DI water provider. Throughout the process of finding the right partner for you, there are many questions that come up that you should ask your potential water provider to ensure you’re getting the best quality water and best service possible.

#1 How Do They Sell DI Water?

Before buying DI water, you need to figure out how much you’ll need and how often you’ll need to be ordering it. You should always ask a water provider about how they sell their DI water – by the tank, in bulk, or in other quantities. You will find DI water systems ranging from permanent bed deionizers to portable DI water exchange tanks. If you need a lot of water, look for a provider that has bulk DI water and delivery. If you don’t require enough water to constitute a bulk purchase, find a provider that has a portable exchange tank program that is more economical. When your tanks are empty, they will replace the old tanks with new regenerated deionization tanks that will provide you with a steady supply of pure DI water. This is a more efficient process that can save you money if it best suits your needs. Look for a company that offers both, and that way you will have scalable solutions at the ready as your business grows.

#2 Do They Service the Equipment?

With any water provider, you should always check to see if they service the equipment you plan to buy. Companies who service their systems will save you time and money – you won’t have to hire specialists from another company and wait for them to be available to assist you. The right provider will service all systems it sells, no matter the brand. They will take care of the equipment and any maintenance, which helps limit your ongoing expenses.

#3 Are They a Member of the National Water Quality Association?

The National Water Quality Association represents water providers and offers resources, information, education, and water testing. Companies certified through the WQA must go through a certification program that analyzes the company’s safety and performance standards, training guidelines, and materials used in manufacturing. We highly recommend only doing business with members of this association in order to ensure your quality of service.

#4 Does the Company Have Certified Installers and Certified Water Treatment Personnel on Staff?

Making sure a water provider has certified staff will ensure that you are getting the highest quality of service possible. On top of looking for a member of the National Water Quality Associate, make sure their entire crew is WQA Certified.

#5 What is Their Customer Service Like?

Most water companies understand that an equipment failure can happen at any time and that they have to be responsive at all times. When failures or mechanical breakdowns happen, a water provider should handle these issues in a timely manner and dispatch a staff member to fix the issue quickly. Be sure to partner with a commercial water provider that offers 24-hour emergency service, so you can rest assured knowing that they’re there to help you at any time, no matter what. That way, you will be connected to a certified and experienced water treatment professional whenever you call.

Hire the Best Water Provider for Your Needs

Once you get the answers to these questions, you should be able to make an informed decision on which water provider offers the services that best fit your needs. There are plenty of options out there, and finding the right provider can be a bit intimidating, but doing the proper research makes the decision process simple and worthwhile.