What to Look for in a Grow Op Water Treatment Company

If you own or manage a cannabis grow operation, you understand the importance of a good water supply. It is make-or-break for the crops, which is why you should do in-depth research to choose the right water treatment company to help your business thrive.

Personalized Service

The number one thing to avoid when looking for water treatment for your grow operation is a canned system. If a water treatment company is offering to send you or install equipment without having an expert run tests on your water, then look for a new water treatment company. Water chemistry in every area is different, which means you need customized equipment and service. Here are some of the drawbacks that occur with a canned system:

  • Poor production, creating a lesser yield or worse crops.
  • Contamination of your crops leading to production loss. This can be a killer for grow ops that are just starting or still growing.
  • Loss of revenue due to having to purchase new equipment that is more accurate to your needs.

These can be detrimental to any grow op. Be sure to get the right service tailored exactly to your needs from a water specialist. A good water treatment company will either send an expert right to your site or have you send in a water sample for them to analyze.


A great way to easily avoid water treatment companies that aren’t equipped to handle your needs is to look for experience. When it comes down to it, water treatment is a science. Those that aren’t experts are those that won’t do your business justice. In order to get the best yield possible, you need to partner with a water treatment company that has decades of experience. In addition to how long a water treatment company has been operating, you should consider who they work with. That means finding a partner that has worked with a number of companies, both big and small, across a variety of industries including the cannabis industry.

Full-Service Water Treatment

Not every water treatment company offers every service. However, though you may only need one thing now, it is beneficial to forge a relationship with a water treatment company that you can feel confident calling on no matter what your grow operation needs. This also makes the services you get more valuable. By providing professional help through every step of the process, you can rest assured that your water treatment is being done right. A good water treatment company turns a product into a service with tremendous customer care and professional help at every corner.

How to Get Started

To get started working with your water treatment company, you should contact a friendly customer representative to discuss the best options for your business and set you up with a water analysis. This will only be the case if you find the right company. Be sure to find a few top choices and contact each of them. This will give you the opportunity to discuss what each can do to help you, how much each option will cost, and how helpful each company is. From there, you should have no trouble choosing the right water treatment company to help your grow operation thrive in the cannabis industry.