DI Water Market Research

Deionized Water Market Analysis

A recent study was done by Future Market Insights on the global market for deionized water systems. FMI is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm. Their report includes a global industry analysis and opportunity assessment for deionized water systems for 2018 to 2028. The findings were consistent in ensuring that the demand for DI water systems is going to grow for a multitude of reasons.

The need for pure water has never been more prevalent. Between consumer preference and the rising standard for distilled and deionized water, sales for two-bed and mixed-bed deionizers has never been higher. If your company or industry is in the market for purified water solutions, now is the time to install it.

With the findings of this study, prices for deionized water systems are only going to rise. Take the time to learn about what these systems can do for you and how comprehensive yours needs to be.

What is Deionized Water?

Municipal or tap water sources commonly have ions in it that cause a positive or negative charge. These charges cause the water to become impure. In turn, it affects the water’s ability to assume the chemistry of the product added to it. Water is almost always added whenever product manufacturers create a product. If the water contains any impurities, then it could change the chemical composition of the product.

Deionized Water Systems

Due to the nature of DI water, it is most often used for sensitive laboratory instruments, publishing, and mechanical plating. Any drinking water or municipal water will have charged ions made up of hydrogen and hydroxyl molecules.

In the DI water system, ion exchange resins remove all of the charged ions except the water molecule (H2O). When this is complete, the deionized water conductivity will measure at 18.2 Megohms. In layman’s terms, that means the water has a very high resistance to electricity.

Moreover, the pH of deionized water should be 7.0. That is the only way the water takes the chemical composition of what it’s being added to.

Deionized Water System Market Analysis

Through the extensive research performed by Future Market Insights, it has been concluded that the DI water systems will become more popular over the next 10 years. The market rise is predicted for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, it begins with the rise of industries that will require water purification systems.

The growing pharmaceutical and medical industries are a main driving force in deionized and demineralized water. High purity water is essential in performing lab tests and many production processes.

Other industries that are predicted to grow the demand for DI water systems include:

Water Treatment Industry

  • Lab Research
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Mechanical and Metal Plating
  • Power Generation
  • Aerospace Engineering

Moreover, with more competitors joining the market, the prices for deionized water systems have become much more affordable and economical. The introduction of new technology has furthered the applications of these systems, leading to new products and more flexible prices.

The specific development of pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering industries has led to the need for high purity water systems in manufacturing processes. Future Market Insights also pointed to the demand for laboratory water purifiers.

While the main market for water treatment systems is industrial and commercial companies, consumers have had a big impact as well. With health awareness becoming more prevalent in most regions, DI water systems are becoming much more economical for companies.

The primary factors in the rising demand include:

  • Rising Health Awareness
  • Increased Incidences of Waterborne Diseases
  • Disposable Income of Customers
  • Water Pollution Caused by Industrial Development

Lastly, the rise of the e-commerce sector is predicted to play a role as well. With the internet becoming a huge marketplace, e-commerce should be a huge driver in the sales of deionized water systems. E-commerce platforms are fighting to expand their footprint in the market. In doing this, the sales for DI water systems are expected to gain rapid momentum.

On the other hand, there are some factors that could inhibit the growth of deionized water systems. To start, the lack of awareness in emerging countries could stall global growth. Without proper research, some industries might look at the high cost of DI water systems and find other methods for purification.

Finding the Right Water Treatment Company

Whether you are installing your first DI system or replacing an old one, now is the time to get it done. Do thorough research on what type of water system best fits your needs. Find out how large your system needs to be to support your daily operations.

When searching for which company to hire, call around to get a sense of the different services provided. Make sure to get a price quote for your installment so you can do a competitive price check when the time comes.

All in all, we have seen the steady growth of the DI water system market over the last few years. The Future Market Insights report has done nothing but reestablish our own data.